House Mojo’s free interpretation of Mojo:

The word Mojo comes from Africa and has many meanings such as rain, fertility and dance. The term Mojo found its way to the Western world during the time of slavery : a fabric bag which was kept hidden under the clothes as a talisman. The bag was stuffed with herbs, magic dust, a coin and other materials that seemed suitable for the occasion. The Mojo was used as a protection against bad influence and as a lucky charm.

The main synonym for Mojo became luck or lucky charm.

When Mojo arrived in the Western culture it found its way to the Rock and Pop culture and got new additional meanings: happiness, raw sexuality, drugs and Voodoo religion.

And now, Mojo finds its way to Zermatt. The original meaning of Mojo: The satchel of herbs, magic dust and lucky coins is what we see in our residents and guests.  We happily accept the Mojo and we are looking forward to the luck, protection and coolness that Mojo will bring us.

House Mojo, unsere Mojo am Fuße des Matterhorns.

House Mojo, our Mojo on the foot of the Matterhorns.

Het Mojo Team

Joachim Kronig

Geboren en getogen in Zermatt en al 15 jaar medewerker bij de bergbahnen van Zermatt.

Meggie Pieters

Geboren en getogen in Nederland, gestudeerd aan de NHTV en sinds 3 jaar werkzaam in de gastronomie in Zermatt.